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  • coding
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  • social science

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The brief

Starting this autumn, it is mandatory for all math, technology and social studies teachers to start teaching algorithms and programming, from pre-school to secondary school. Edvira is a R&D-based social enterprise, which trains teachers and municipalities all over Sweden in computer science education and making positive impact in their classrooms. At our core is making sure girls will benefit at least as much as boys from programming in classrooms, which is often not the case in Sweden as well as other countries, mostly due to stereotypes and unconscious bias, which comes from competence. Let’s reverse the trend together by joining our case and cause, using research and development to getting 3x more women in computing by 2030!

The background

Today, we have high-impact physical teacher workshops that makes it possible for teachers to: 1) Learn and reflect about the most relevant research 2) Use, modify or create lessons and curriculum 3) Teach with confidence and competence, with positive impact Now, we want to transition to a digital format, with a focus on 1) for this brief. Since we’re based on the Global Goals, we want to make the most relevant research and important insights public and easily digestible for teachers, principals and chiefs of education. The most important part is that they actually implement the most helpful research.

The problem

To do this, we believe we need a way to go from our growing Google Spreadsheet with 200+ carefully selected research articles about computer science education into something easily digestible and enjoyable for others that is available for anyone to use online. How do we do this? Since we’re a startup, we welcome solutions that dreams big and starts small.