Proactive medic self-care with bioweather


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The brief

Your wellbeing is affected by a number of different factors such as hunger, thirst, sleep, physical and mental health but also external factors such as social status, job related stress and the effects of weather. A lot of people experience that their physical and mental well- being varies along with the weather and we believe that the weather factor can make a big different for proactive medical advice or self-care.

The background

Bioweather is relatively unknown in Sweden but is rather common in other countries in Europe and around the world. It is a recognized and well-known research area with a long history. The perceived relationship between changes in weather and pain has been recorded since the classical Roman age. Hippocrates was the first to note, in about 400 B.C., that many illnesses were related to changes in season. The large body of folklore about how weather affects pain is reflected by traditional sayings and expressions, such as "aches and pain, coming rains", "feeling under the weather," and "ill health due to evil winds."

The problem

In order for SMHI to advance in this area we need a new different perspective that we hope to find in Demola. The bioweather area is interesting and has big potential and there are rather few existing products in this area. We are keen on getting to know you and your ideas of a service providing proactive advices for selfcare with bioweather information.