The power of adult voluntary education in troubled urban areas


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The brief

How do we use folkbildningen (= adult voluntary education) to support the positive development in vulnerable areas in Norrköping? How do we become a natural part of the local communities?

The background

Our mission as studieförbund is to strengthen and develop democracy, making it possible for a greater diversity of people to influence their own lives and create commitment to participate in community development, equalize educational disparities and improve education in society and broaden interest and increase participation in cultural life.

The solution

We want to find a long-lasting and natural interaction, and not just exist in the areas during certain projects times. Folkbildningen can sometimes be seen as old-fashioned and the challenge is how we follow up with the development and meet the new needs. For example: How do we reach today's young people, what do they want our help with, and how we create these forums?