Paper by-product waste management


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The background

Re-board® Technology AB is a privately owned entrepreneurial manufacturer based in Norrköping, Sweden. The company holds patented technology for producing paperboard with a uniquely engineered fluted core. The main product Re-board® is a strong and rigid but very light-weight board that converts well for usage areas in printing, advertising and displays. Re-board® is made out of part recycled paper fibers and part new material. It is an eco-friendly material of its kind and is the first board in the world to independently measure it’s CO2 emissions. Re-board® is distributed globally in more than 40 countries.

The problem

The manufacturing process to make Re-board® is semi-automated with some manual steps, mainly the handling of raw material and quality controlling. A by-product is formed when paper dust formed during the manufacturing process, in particular from sawing and cutting the paper material, is collected using a ventilation system. The paper dust is compressed into logs of densely packed paper waste. Each day approximately 1000 kilos of this by product is created. Today these logs of compressed paper is today sold off by ton at a very low value. We would like the project to figure out what could be a better use of this by-product.