Intercultural communication


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The brief

Information and communication is sent via letters, notifications posted on the entrance, signs, brochures, website, tenants newspapers, magazines and different meetings and gatherings. To better meet the demand of our customers, we have expanded our language competence. Colleagues with different language profiles with a foreign background have been recruited and are working in the districts and in the customer service. We identify good communication with the tenant to be one of the more crucial areas in order to become an attractive landlord.

The background

Hyresbostäder has 9 500 tenants and closer to 45% of them are of foreign background. In Hageby, one of the districts, more than 100 languages are spoken. Some learn the Swedish language, others do not and some can’t even read their native tongue. Apart from different groupings within the same language there are also different clan/tribe bonds. We communicate in general in Swedish with our tenants today, and in some cases we translate it into English or the most commonly spoken language in the district.

The problem

How can we more efficiently and satisfyingly communicate and reach out to all our tenants? By communication we mean inform the tenant about the apartment, rights and obligations as well as inform about services and activities through different marketing material and channels mentioned above. How do we motivate more tenants with foreign background to attend at our information meetings and activities?