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The brief

With more than 600 000 members Unionen is the largest trade union in Sweden, and one of the largest in the world. Our task is to represent our members both at the workplace and also by forming opinion towards politicians and other actors at the labor market. We are always working for a better labor market.

The background

The labour market is changing, from being employed and talking about buying and selling efforts, today’s economy, digitization and automation changes how we look at, and perform, work. Who are employees and who are employers when we buy and sell our time, projects and expertise through networking, apps and digital platforms? How will the job market look like in ten, twenty, even fifty years? What issues will be the most important? And what will be the purpose for a Trade Union?

The problem

Unionen wants to be the future union for the future members and therefore we need to think about what the future will bring. We want you to find the next revolutionary solutions for our future organization.