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The background

CAD and BIM are standard tools for creating 3D models for urban development projects. 3D models can also be created by laser scanning e.g. existing buildings or applying various image analysis techniques. Traditionally laser scanning is very expensive, but new modern technology is emerging that lets the user create 3D models fast, accurate and cheap. One example of this new technology is Google’s Project Tango that allows the user to create a 3D models by using a tablet. Combining Project Tango with CAD models could make it possible to X-ray buildings and get real time information of what is in front of you, so called Augmented Reality (AR). One of the challenges of integrating CAD and BIM with Project Tango is that they are using different coordinate systems, which makes them difficult to combine and for them to interact with one another. Reference videos: https://get.google.com/tango/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe10ExwzCqk

The problem

Would it be possible to create a platform where you can combine CAD-models with 3D data generated with Google’s Project Tango? Could this integration be done on the fly? And what benefits might there be for future urban developments with this kind of technology? Note: Data streams from Project Tango and 3D-models of buildings can be provided by Sweco if needed.