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  • media & communications
  • social science

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The brief

What ways could we use to help our tenants further influence and be a part of their own neighbourhood. We would like to increase our reach to all tenants, no matter what culture, language, traditions, religion or gender they may belong to. Everyone should be able to change the living situation within their own block. When we do our annual customer index, we have a ratio of around 65% that answers our form. How do we reach those that traditionally do not participate when we invite to discussions. Are there new ways that we can interact with our residents.

The background

Hyresbostäder has 9 500 residents and closer to 45% of them are of foreign background. In Hageby, one of the districts, more than 100 languages are spoken. Some learn the Swedish language, others do not and some can’t even read their native tongue. Apart from different groupings within the same language there are also different clan/tribe bonds. We communicate in general in Swedish with our residents today, and in some cases we translate it into English or the most commonly spoken language in the district.

The problem

We do not reach enough of our residents, how can we improve this? The eye to eye meeting is something we value dearly, but are also open for technical solutions to further enhance the situation.