Augmented reality for remote guidance


Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • engineering
  • environment
  • media & communications
  • social science

Project Blog

The brief

XMReality is an exciting company in the new business of augmented reality and knowledge-sharing. Our solution centers around the concept of remote guidance where for example a technician performing maintenance or repairs can be guided remotely by an off-site expert. A video call is held between a technician and an expert where our solution allows the expert to overlay his or hers hands on top of what the technician is seeing, intuitively guiding this person through the often complicated steps of servicing a piece of machinery. In this way companies can save time and money on trips and ensure up time on critical machinery. See our promotional video: and introduction:

The background

We have found a niche within industrial environments and we provide real business value with a much hyped technology. We are always looking for ways to improve our product and we work closely with our customers in a user-centered fashion to develop features that will bring the mast value to our custorners.

The problem

Create the new computing paradigm with us! Our solution is available on multiple platforms and we are making an aimed effort at creating a unified experience with AR-glasses paired with a smartphone. The conjunction of AR-glasses paired with a smartphone creates a new design space we want to explore where the phone may be more suited for certain inputs while glasses may be more suited for certain outputs. Coming up with smart concepts for how these two units work together is where you come in. We want more ideas and concepts for how this human-­computer interaction should look like. We want to explore what designs are mast helpful for our clients to fulfill their work.