The art of visualization


Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • education
  • governance
  • media & communications
  • social science

Project Blog

The brief

The aim for this project is to create concepts for text visualization that allow users to seamlessly interact with and consume large amounts textdata.

The background

Many companies generate and store large amounts of information on various platforms. Examples of such areas are news articles, surveys, documentation, discussion forums, product reviews, commenting sections for news articles and videos, and social media. At iMatrics we develop algorithms that analyzes natural language text (any language!). Today we provide cloud services to the media industry. Results from our tools include sorting articles into categories, finding highly relevant content, and provide our customers with insight into their own data. We are research oriented and skilled in algorithm development. However, we need new ideas and tools for visualization based on user experience design, information interaction and human behavior.

The problem

It is difficult to overview, easily consume, or quickly assimilate large amounts of information. How can we use visualization in combination with our analytical tools?