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The brief

Here at HiQ, we like to see ourselves as a Digital innovation Partner. This of course, means that we’re active in a wide rage of business areas and have a large variation in the types of projects that we participate in. We love being able to leverage our inhouse teams to deliver solutions for our clients, but for us, it’s equally important to be able to provide our clients with support and resources on-site, to help them reach their goals and develop their business. Our goal is to drive and develop the possibilities in our digital world. As we see it, we’re looking to create the new normal. Because innovative services, if they succeed, become the new normal… the new everyday life.

The background

One of the key interest areas for HiQ is enhanced reality. This encompasses a range och technologies, among them: VR and AR. We are currently using both these technologies in projects, and we are excited that the tech in VR has taken such a leap the last few years. We feel that AR is on the early horizon of the same journey and we really want to build awareness of what AR is and it’s possibilities. We’ve noticed, that there is a clear difference in speaking of a subject, and demonstrating it in the level of inspiration possible to clients. AR and digital innovation often aren’t their core business, so it’s on us to create the need, to inspire and show the possibilities of AR. If we help them understand, they will want and need AR solutions in the future.

The problem

We believe that one of the areas where AR has a leg up on VR is the possibility of using it as a business tool. Alot of AR demos are in the entertainment sector, we believe there’s room to evolve from this and show the business aspect of AR. Situations where Ar could provide value in B2B or B2C situations.