Introducing Demola East Sweden

Demola East Sweden is situated in the two science parks in the east Sweden region; in Strykbrädan (Norrköping) and in the arena creActive (Linköping). Our centre was launched in December of 2012 and facilitates today some 40 projects per year, with 70 students. The partner companies have licensed 80% of the project results and students have received several job and thesis offers.

Norrköping has around 136 000 inhabitants and is Sweden’s eighth largest municipality. A lot of the old industry buildings are now housing business offices, one of Linköping university’s campuses, ground breaking research in visualization and printed electronics, to name a few.

The neighbouring city to Norrköping is Linköping, the fifth largest municipality in Sweden with it’s 150 000 inhabitants. Cloetta, ASJ, and SAAB are industries that have largely contributed to the city’s growth. Linköping university is one of Sweden’s largest universities with 28 000 students and 3 800 employees. It is also Demola East Sweden’s partner university, The university was established 1975 and the campus in Norrköping was founded in 1996.


Demola East Sweden

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Demola Alliance

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